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Description of the Crest:

On a green background you find a wide golden post, and mounted on it are a pair of pliers, a shoemaker’s last and a shoemaker’s hammer, all in black.
Sign on the Helmet: Two green oak twigs with each having two leaves and an acorn at the end.
Cloth of Helmet: green lined with yellow

Additional Explanation:

The Jongsma family hails originally from Roden in the province of Groningen. The most important colour in the crest of the county of Roden is green, which is also used as the basis for this family crest. In the crest of Roden you find a number of green trees. Most of the time those are oak trees, which is the most common type of tree of the sandy soil of that region. The post in the crest is made of gold, a colour which is often used to show the colour of sand. On the helmet is an oak branch referring to the oak trees in the crest of Roden.

The family-members have practiced a variety of occupations, one of which is that of shoemaker, no doubt the oldest, and that passed on from father to son. Attributes of this occupation are therefore central in this crest and are shown in black. The tools often became black from much use, hence the colour black was chosen, also because it contrasts well with the gold coloured background. Of the chosen tools the pliers are the most unfamiliar. This type of pliers was used to bend and pull the leather for the shoe in the proper place. The shoemaker’s last was the form or mould with which a well-fitting shoe was made.

Another occupation was that of blacksmith. To place the tools of the blacksmith in the shield as well, of which the hammer and pliers are the most important ones, would do injustice to the crest. It would make it too busy. That is the reason these tools are not included.

The occupation of shoemaker showed up in the older generations and that is the reason other family members of this clan who descend from these persons, may use this crest.
The crest may be used by all the descendants of Eit Fokkes Jongsma, master shoemaker, and Aukjen Jans, who got married in Augustinusga, on the 18th of May, 1794, and who go by the name Jongsma.

Design: J. C. Terluin, Beetsterzwaag, member of the Fryske Rie for Heraldyk, appointed
by the Fryske Akademy.
Supplier: Martinus Jongsma, Surhuisterveen
See: Genealogysk Jierboek 2008

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